Day 1: Blue Lagoon Tour

  • Kick off your day with your first boat trip in beautiful Rangiroa
  • Take a trip to the “Blue Lagoon”
  • Enjoy a motu picnic on a white sand beach
  • Snorkel around the motu and discover the diversity of species
  • Learn a few Paumotu* words with the tour guide (*Language of the Tuamotu archipelago)
  • Enjoy a breath taking sunset at Happy Hour time

Day 2: Enjoy the Island Way of Life

  • Take the road by bicycle and follow the coconut grove
  • Visit the coral churches
  • Enjoy a religious ceremony at one of Avatoru’s local church on Sunday
  • Shop at the craft centers and tiny shops
  • Stop by a local restaurant for lunch time
  • Enjoy wine tasting at the Dominique Auroy Estate
  • Visit the local honey making farm
  • Dine at one of the local restaurant

Day 3: Pink Sand Beach Tour

  • Enjoy the sunrise from the beach of the resort
  • Escape for the day to the “Pink Sand Beach”
  • Choose your own private spot on the motu and enjoy a local picnic
  • Learn how to make Tahiti’s most famous dish: the raw fish with vegetables and coconut milk
  • Visit the Pearl farm
  • Enjoy dinner at the resort restaurant

Day 4: Heaven on Earth for Divers

  • Head to one of the diving centers
  • Visit the two passes of the island which leads to the ocean: Tiputa and Avatoru
  • Try scuba diving at one of the specialized centers
  • Explore outside the reef to see rays, turtles, dolphins, sharks and tuna
  • Fish to catch a large range of different species
  • Enjoy the abundance of the fauna and flora around Tiputa
  • Take a boat trip from Tiputa to Avatoru
  • Spend your sunset time at Tiputa’s pass to watch the dolphins