The 2024 Olympic Surfing Event will take place in The Islands of Tahiti : a dream come true

March 11, 2020 in Experience

It’s official, The Islands of Tahiti will host, for the first time, the 2024 Olympic Games Surf Competition on the famous spot of Teahupoo, located on the peninsula of Tahiti. An exciting event for the world of sport and a dream come true for Polynesians.

The Paris Olympic games in Tahiti!

The 2024 Olympic Games will be held from 26th July to 11th August in Paris, and for the first time, the International Olympic Committee has decided that one of the events will take place on an island located nearly 16 000 km from the central site of the Games. 

This decision is a great way to highlight the Overseas Territories as well as commemorate the Polynesian origins of surf, or to its ancestors, the “horue“, which is an integral part of the Polynesian heritage. This ancestral sport practiced standing or lying on a tree trunk board was encouraged by Mā’ohi kings. Several legends, still told today, tell us about the exploits of former men and women surfers.

The district at the end of the world

Teahupoo is often called the ‘district at the end of the world’. It is indeed, in this small peaceful village, that the road on the west coast of the island ends. A short walk along a heavenly beach, between the turquoise lagoon with crystal clear waters and the lush and green mountains, and you can admire the internationally famous wave. Attracting more and more board sports enthusiasts or simply lovers of this idyllic spot, the site is equipped with welcoming touristic structures, offering the modern and authentic comfort of accommodation in a Tahitian Guesthouse.

Teahupoo offers a unique wave. For surfers around the world, it is one of the most beautiful gems of the Pacific Ocean. The Teahupoo wave represents a perfect tube, which is likely to reach extreme heights during the period of the Olympic Games. Technically, this wave is the perfect spot for such a competition, well suited to the level of these international teams bringing together the best surfers in the world.

A strong environmental ambition!

The organisation of the Olympic Surfing Event at Teahupoo is part of a strong environmental ambition. The choice of Teahupoo allows for promotion and preservation of the pristine environment of the island, while leaving a legacy that takes into account the needs of the local population. Economically sustainable, some useful facilities (accommodation, parks and equipment) will remain in place after the Games. The wave of Teahupoo will become a strong, sustainable tourism and economic product. Tourists will be able to come and stay on the spot, in even better conditions, to admire one of the most beautiful waves in the world.

Paris 2024 aims to be an exceptional and environmentally friendly Olympic session. With Teahupoo, the surf event will certainly meet these criteria. The mythical island of Tahiti will shine more than ever.