Easy Tahiti

The company was founded in late 2006 by Nelson Levy and a close team of experienced industry collaborators. Nelson was CEO for Tahiti’s national tourism office – Tahiti Tourisme – throughout most of the 1990’s, before he created and launched Tahiti’s award-winning international airline, Air Tahiti Nui, in 1998. Nelson left his role as CEO of the airline in 2006 with a new sparkle in his eyes – a new vision for selling Tahiti to the world from Tahiti, as opposed to selling Tahiti to the world from outside Tahiti – all with the assistance of the latest in technology.

Convinced that on-line travel, whilst the way of the future, was missing that one essential ingredient – PEOPLE – he set about planning his vision of a company to make it easy. More importantly he designed a company based around a team of talented people to ably offer up three vital ingredients: local knowledge, personal service & destination care.

easyTahiti.com is staffed by an experienced team based in offices on the waterfront in Papeete, Tahiti’s main city and business centre. The big difference is that the very same team (easyCare) that is available to guide guests through the customization of their arrangements, will also stay just a phone call away while our guests enjoy their travel – just to help with everything from restaurant recommendations to excursion reservations to general destination advice.

Our Holiday Packages
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