Where the Fakarava is that?

September 14, 2020 in Experience

The little known island of Fakarava in The Islands of Tahiti has been thrust into the spotlight thanks to a stunning photo in this year’s Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and exhibition. 

Making it onto the list of Highly Commended photos, the image titled Under Water. The night shift by Laurent Ballesta, was taken beneath the waves on the remote coral atoll of Fakarava.

Ballesta’s image captures the stirring of huge molluscs, subject of the shot, which emerge at night to feed on coral rubble and algal pavements. Known in inner circles as a diving heaven, Fakarava’s wall of sharks has been an attraction for divers for many years. The passing predator in Ballesta’s shot is evidence of the active shark population in the region. 

A well-kept secret of The Islands of Tahiti, Fakarava is the second largest of the Tuamotu atolls and is considered a nature sanctuary. Its reef is a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and safeguards a variety of endemic wildlife, which the local population is passionate about protecting.

A perfect place to isolate, get back to nature, and feel at one with mana and the planet, it begs the question….where the Fakarava are you?