Virtual tour of the luxury resort The Brando, Tetiaroa, The Islands of Tahiti

August 31, 2021 in Experience

While we eagerly wait for a travel bubble to open to The Islands of Tahiti, travel agents have the opportunity to continue upskilling and learning more about the destination through the Tahiti Specialist Program. Travel agents in Australia who have completed the program will receive exclusive access to insider information and content about the destination via a dedicated newsletter and on the private Tahiti Specialist Facebook group. 


Most recently, the team at the super-luxe and eco-friendly resort The Brando put together a walk-through virtual tour on what guests will experience during their stay. The team takes you through the entire experience from arriving at the private lounge at Tahiti Airport, the 20 minutes charter flight to Tetiaroa, to the welcoming staff at The Brando leading you through the entire resort and its facilities. 


The resort founded by Marlon Brando is nearing its goal of becoming fully carbon neutral and self-sustainable, including an advanced air-conditioning system, bee hive collection and the use of solar energy. 


Travel agents can register for the Tahiti Specialist Program here and after you have completed the program you will have exclusive access to the virtual tour at The Brando and much more!