Sofitel’s Cheese & Wine Festival Returns to Tahiti

October 31, 2019 in Experience

More than just food for thought, The Islands of Tahiti has announced the return of a food festival that, with a focus on cheese and wine, is yet another reason to put the destination at the top of your travel list.


Next month (October 4-13), Sofitel French Polynesia will host Cheese and Wine celebrations across its three Tahitian hotels. As part of the international Sofitel Wine Days, guests, visitors and locals will have the opportunity to increase their oenological knowledge.


Providing a round-the-world tour and celebration of wine and French art de vivre, Sofitel will welcome famous Cheese Master, Mr Olivier Poulard – an Ambassador for French cheese culture – for a series of events around cheese and wines. Exceptional dinners and chic aperitifs will take place on the white sand beaches and restaurants at Tahiti Ia Ora Beach Resort, Moorea Ia Ora Beach Resort and Sofitel Bora Bora Private Island. Bringing the flavours of France to the island paradise of Tahiti, Olivier Poulard will work closely with Sommelier, Mr Fabrice Jarry, and Chef Marc Lintanf (disciple of Escoffier International 2015 and Member of Toques Blanches du Monde 2012) to showcase an exclusive French gastronomic experience, pairing refined cheese, exquisite food and exceptional wines. Sofitel has seen its expertise in wine go from strength to strength, thanks to its master sommeliers, a high-calibre wine library and the exceptional wines served during this occasion. The global Sofitel Wine Days initiative brings together hotels from around the world, hosting events that will delight amateurs and aficionados alike as they discover the secrets of wine.

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