Relax to the sounds of Tahiti…

April 22, 2020 in Experience

Like all places, the sounds of The Islands of Tahiti range from the overt to the subtle. From the impressive sound of a conch to waves lapping beneath an overwater bungalow, and from the traditional drums of Heiva to the melodic traditional songs, there is no mistaking many of the unique sounds from The Islands of Tahiti. Tahitians have inherited a rich, expressive culture thanks to their Ma’ohi ancestors. Tahitian life is still heavily centred around music, dance and art and is used as an expressive form for many cultural celebrations and traditions

And whilst we may not be able to travel there right now, we can bring a lot of these sounds into our own homes whilst we wait it out and plan for our next trip to paradise!

Natural sounds

If natural sounds are what you find most relaxing, check out this brilliant video compiling sounds of Tahitian nature including the majestic humpback whales.

If traditional music and song is more your thing, Spotify is filled with playlists of Polynesian sounds. For the ultimate ‘take me away’ sounds than look no further than the ‘Tahitian Music’ playlist.

Traditional Island song playlist

From traditional island songs that infuse a deep sense of cultural connection to the gentle sound of the ukulele that easily has us picturing ourselves having a lei being placed around our neck on arrival, this nearly 3 hour long below playlist will soon become your tropical  go-to!

Beach club playlist

Or if you’re dreaming of sipping cocktails on the beach, you only need to search “beach club” playlists and you’ll find a long list of inspiring playlists that will have you feeling like you’re on a tropical shore watching the sun sink into the South Pacific sea. You might just need to close your eyes!

Tahiti comes to you!

Leaving you with a beautiful song, specially composed for Tahiti Tourisme by the talented @Alain Lievens-Demeyere – ‘To oe pārataito (ETO)’ – close your eyes and let Tahiti come to you…