Sharks’ Skylight

Moorea the location of this year’s best underwater photo

February 11, 2021 in Experience

The increasingly popular micro-destination of Moorea in The Islands of Tahiti was recently brought forward into the light due to the winning entry of the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2021 competition. The image named Sharks’ Skylight was taken in the calm shallows of Moorea during the vibrant sunset, capturing the mesmerising world underwater. 

Moorea, the heart-shaped sister island to Tahiti is a natural playground for divers who instantly fall in love with the varied coral reef eco-system and the colourful mix of marine life. The photographer Renee Capozzola said she is hoping that her winning entry will encourage people to promote the conservation of shark species threatened with extinction around the world. As there’s a strong legal protection for sharks in French Polynesia and there are several shark nurseries in the destination, it allows for them to thrive and balance the marine ecosystem. 

An idyllic island of The Islands of Tahiti, Moorea is the pride and joy of French Polynesia and is a true reflection of the laid back Tahitian lifestyle and the warm welcoming character of the Polynesian people.