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  • Uturoa - Raiatea, Society Islands, French Polynesia

Welcome to Haumana Cruises Raiatea

A refined cruise to the Islands of Tahiti, an unforgettable experience, the sparkling colors of Bora Bora lagoon, the natural wilderness of Taha’a, the Vanilla Island, the discovery of Polynesian «saveurs».

As soon as you will board the ship, you will be welcomed with colorful flower lei. You will be immediately charmed by the legendary Polynesian hospitality as the crew will sing traditional songs and play ukulele to celebrate your arrival. Living on a boat will allow you to have an easy access to our sublime underwater environment. Meet the sting rays or the lagoon sharks (harmless) or take a kayak or a paddle board and admire the crystal clear waters. The discovery of Taha’a would not be complete without a land excursion. We will show you around a pearl farm and a vanilla plantation. You will then be able to understand the origins of these famous and sought products. Finally, you will have the opportunity to enjoy desert islets for privileged relaxing moments during the day or for a festive evening by a campfire. All the crew members are proud of their traditions and culture. They will teach you ancestral techniques during the cruise and you will also be able to express your creativity with cultural animations such as leaves weaving, traditional dancing or painting on pareos. During evenings, dances, songs and traditional drums will take place for joyful moments. You will be gathered around the crew to share the Polynesian way of life and cheer their deep attachment to happiness and respect.

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