First-timers Guide to Tahiti

December 17, 2019 in Experience

While it’s always exciting to be visiting a new destination, sometimes it can be a little unnerving if you are not familiar with the surroundings. In The Islands of Tahiti, locals want the experience to be as welcoming and as easy as possible for visitors, so below are a few key things to know before you travel to paradise.


You travel back in time: The Islands of Tahiti are 21 hours behind AEST, which means you arrive in Tahiti the day before you left Australia. 


You’ll experience the magic of Mana: Mana is the energy and healing power that exists in people, places and objects, it’s a magical life force that surrounds The Islands of Tahiti.


Your home away from home: Locals and residents on The Islands of Tahiti are always pleased to meet visitors. They greet everyone as though they are extended family – with a contagious smile and warm welcome.


Learn the basics: While many locals can speak English, it’s always received well if pleasantries are spoken in Tahitian. Ia orana (yo-rah-nah) means hello, and Mauruuru (nah-roo-roo) means thank you.


Feast where the locals do: Local delicacies can be found in most cafes and restaurants, both standalone or within hotels. To get the most authentic Tahitian experience, first-time visitors need to visit the Papeete Roulottes.


It won’t cost as much as you think: Tahiti can be very affordable. Groceries are priced similarly to here in Australia, and beer is often cheaper! 


118 islands, 1000s of activities: From swimming with whales, to seeing the black pearl farms, exploring the raw landscape and highest waterfall in the Pacific, or relaxing on the white sand beaches with aqua blue waters, there’s truly something for every preference.