Entry and Stay conditions in The Islands of Tahiti as of June 9th, 2021

June 15, 2021 in Experience

In view of the national decree concerning the easing of border restrictions applicable since June 9th, the conditions of entry and stay in The Islands of Tahiti are changing, and the following in particular: 

    • No more compelling reason to be justified to travel to Tahiti,
    • Tourism is authorised for visitors travelling from the following countries: French territories (except Guyana), the United-States, the United Kingdom or countries included in the green-zone,
    • Deadlines to be respected between full anti-COVID 19 vaccination and departure: 
      • 14 days for Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca vaccines
      • 28 days for the Janssen vaccine (as of June 16th 2021)
    • Are included in this category: 
      • Unvaccinated travellers
      • Travellers immune by previous COVID-19 infection (applicable as of June 16th, 2021, for travellers from the United-States)
      • Travellers having stayed less than 15 days in a French territory (except Guyana), or in the United-States, or in the United Kingdom or in a country of the green-zone, prior to departure to French Polynesia, whether they are vaccinated or not.
    • Compelling reason for travel still applicable (Health, Family, Work)
    • Tourism is not a compelling reason for travel
    • A 10-day quarantine is still applicable
    • Travelling with a parent or legal guardian who is: 
      • vaccinated: no quarantine – 2 self-tests – (distributed upon arrival) to be done at D+4 and D+8 and to be deposited at their hotel or in a dedicated health centre
      • unvaccinated: Compulsory 10-day quarantine in TAHITI ONLY + 2 RT-PCR tests at D+4 and D+8 at the Louis Malardé Institute TAHITI
    • Travelling alone (UM) : 
      • Compulsory 10-day quarantine together with the legal guardian representative in TAHITI ONLY + 2 RT-PCR tests at D+4 and D+8 at the Louis Malardé Institute TAHITI 

Find the updated Entry and Stay conditions hereafter and on our website: www.TahitiTourisme.com/coronavirus. Please note that they are subject to modifications.