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November 6, 2019 in Experience

Known for its crystal-clear water and incredible snorkeling, The Islands of Tahiti actually offer many more opportunities to get up close and personal with some of the most magical animals in the world, beyond Nemo and his mates.


Discover just some of the many stunning experiences below guest can have with the local wildlife.


Moorea Dolphin Centre 

Housed on the stunning island of Moorea, The Moorea Dolphin Center is home to three rescue dolphins, Lokahi, Kuokoa and Hina, who are unable to re reintroduced into the wild. The dolphins live at the Centre with a natural reef pass that provides currents and tides to pass through their habitat, and are cared for by a dedicated team of animal behaviourists and experts.  Guests at the centre can choose from two educational experiences- the ‘Miti’ program educates guests on the dolphins, whilst the ‘Moana’ program allows guests to better understand the living structures, physiology and anatomy of the mammals before being able to free swim in the deep waters alongside them. A truly humbling experience accredited by AMMPA and IMATA, the Moorea Dolphin Center is a must.


Bora Bora Turtle Centre 

Located in the private lagoon of Le Meridien Bora Bora resort, the Turtle Care Centre is place of protection and rehabilitation for injured or sick sea turtles, and has successfully introduced more than 400 turtles back into the ocean. The Bora Bora Turtle Care Centre gives visitors the rare opportunity to interact with the Green turtle, Hawksbill turtle, Loggerhead turtle and Olive Ridley turtle, all of which are endangered species with extreme rise of extinction worldwide. The Turtle Care Centre is operated by the non-profit Te Mana o Te Moana with the additional support of the Ministry of the Environment.


Swim with Humpback Whales

From August to November every year, the Islands of Tahiti are home to humpback whales making the long journey from the Antarctica to warmer waters to birth their calves. The opportunity to not only see but also to swim with these giants of the ocean, is an incredible one. Notably, Majestic Whale Encounters offer guests the chance to swim alongside humpback whales offering maximum interaction with minimum impact.


Swim with rays and sharks 

The waters of Tahiti are a stunning meeting place for reef sharks and stingrays, who are friendly enough to welcome human visitors. Moorea Ocean Adventures provide expeditions to the shallow waters that these creatures call home, allowing guests the get up close and personal with these extremely curious reef creatures alongside a team of marine biologists and naturalist guides. These interactions are carefully managed to ensure a minimal impact on the animals and the eco-system.


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