Bora Bora Flourished In The Face Of Adversity

June 10, 2020 in Experience

There is no denying that COVID-19 has challenged the tourism industry un a way never experienced before. And whilst the effects of the pandemic are far reaching, the effects on the people and places that we are all eager to be able to visit again has been particularly tough. 

Arguably one of the most popular islands in the world, Bora Bora welcomes an abundance of tourists each year, so it comes as no surprise that the shutdown of air traffic and the absence of tourists has meant that businesses have been forced to rethink their ways of working, their strategies and what they can offer customers in this new normal. 

Moana Adventure Tours, which provides expeditions around Bora Bora, has launched FA’A’APU ORA- meaning Garden of Life in Tahitian. Constructed as a designated area for employees of Moana Adventure Tours to plant fruit and vegetables for personal consumption, the produce grown will aim to help improve the daily lives of around 40 families. 

Respectful of the environment and lacking the use of chemicals and pesticides, the garden is a community project and is promoting overall positivity to all employees in these unprecedented times. With both the company and its employees impacted, the garden is an innovative way the business can support its employees. 

Calling for donations as an act of support and to assist in the purchasing of seeds, tools and materials for setting up, the FA’A’APU ORA garden imitative is a true testament to the overall morale and spirit of the people of The Islands of Tahiti